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Grab Naturally Made Herbal Aloevera Gel, Aloevera Neem Shampoo And Face Wash From Us!
About Us

Our inspiring mentor, Mr. R A Bhutani aims to make Bhutani Health Care a leading contributor of Natural Selfcare products in the global marketplace. By working as a manufacturer and exporter, we are bringing a comprehensive range of Aloevera and other products that is worth putting money on. We are adhering to international quality policies and norms for the production of reliable, safe, skin-friendly & effective products for selfcare. Our offered range of Face Wash, Herbal Aloevera Gel and Aloevera Neem Shampoo is getting widely popular under the brand name of Bhutani. By utilizing the highest grade of raw material, we are keeping the quality of our products at their best. Besides, their cost-effective prices are helping us earn the acclamation & acknowledgement of customers, worldwide. 

In a short period of time, we have attained an admirable progress-rate in the respective markets, worldwide. A large number of customers from domestic, national and foreign lands are preferring us over any other firm in the domain due to our highly advantageous business deals. With our quality-driven work, all we seek for is their utmost fulfillment, satisfaction and success. 

Our Objectives

With vision of becoming the leading supplier of selfcare based products in national as well as international markets, we have set several objectives for ourselves to achieve with time, including:

  • To build a large network of supply in different cities, states and countries
  • To set new benchmarks for the quality and supply of products 
  • To upgrade our acquired facilities and resources with time for better end-results 
  • To enhance the skills & knowledge of our employees by providing them various learning seminars

Packaging & Shipment

We are highly concerned with the quality maintenance of products at every stage. And, packaging and shipment are one of the few processes with which we never compromise. We have installed latest machinery for the tight-sealed packaging of items including Aloevera Neem Shampoo, Herbal Aloevera Gel and Face Wash. The qualitative packaging that we provide to these items ensures their safe & long-term life during storage. For the secure and prompt shipment of each order across the world, we have set up a well-established distribution network.
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